Are We Really Friends?

Lately I’ve been doing a ton of music marketing research, artist specific. I’m astounded at the amount of people that say adding myspace friends is the #1 way to go. This train of thought ranges from the indy artist to industry top dogs. Next on the list is obviously Facebook, Twitter and on and on and on…

In the world of brand marketing, segmenting social networking, you’ll see a similar pattern of marketing pros. The advice is always the same (yes, I’m guilty of giving it as well) – start a myspace, facebook, twit, etc…

Lately I’ve been dissecting what it really means to be someone’s “Friend” or to “Follow” somebody. I tend to befriend someone whom I find interesting. For example, I love business and am a die hard entrepreneur. So I find it interesting to Follow NPR (National Public Radio) on twitter in hopes that I can read some insightful macro economic information that may affect my day. I am also involved in the world of action sports, so I like following Jim Theibaud one of the main heads of Deluxe Distribution because he’s funny but he also jams packs his twit updates with interesting information about the company from rider to catalog news and more. On Myspace I’m friends with all of my favorite bands and artists and I check my updates frequently so i can know when a new band is coming to town or when a new gallery show is opening. On Facebook I’ve created a network of all my international friends from all over the world, this way they are easy to find and I keep my content specific to them.

So how do you better connect with your friends? Regardless of what your business model is, you need to ensure that you emit a friend quality in the content that you pump out (yes, content, and lots of it). Are you informative, are you inviting, is there frequent content, are you contributing to the relationship? Do you check in on your friends (comments, personal messages, pings, etc)?

So now that I’ve added you as my friend, at your request, what now? If only we could get a cyber cup of coffee to get to know each other better…



One Response to “Are We Really Friends?”

  1. My # 1 piece of advice is to FORGET Myspace and focus on your own site and content, which then can be syndicated to Myspace and Facebook and Twitter etc. And people look at me funny when I say that!

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