Is MMA an Action Sport?

Oh man… I don’t even know where to begin with this Whopper of a question recently posed over at TWS Biz. I’ll try to answer the question with a question – “Does it Matter?”

In my opinion, the obvious benefit into allowing MMA access into the wonderful wide world of Action Sports would be Financial. More brands, More pros, More companies, More labels filling up the empty spots at Trade Shows, more internet stores, More opportunities. I’m mean let’s face it, the “Action Sports” hasn’t seen any real changes for awhile. A new team addition or another clothing line just isn’t pushing things forward. As far as anything “Core” is considered, those crazy MMA guys are as “core and extreme” as it gets. I dare you to tell Chuck Lidell he isn’t hardcore (actually, don’t go do that).

Maybe a better perspective is, does the MMA want to be included in the action sports? Is the ASI too soft for MMA? Does it really matter?



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