So Cal Action Sports Event Network Wrap-Up

Last night I went to the Oakley Headquarters for the So Cal Action Sports Network event. It was my first time visiting the headquarters and let me just say…WOW. Honestly, it really took me back at how massive and impressive the building was. I mean in the end it is Oakley, so what else do you expect. 

The panelists that were speaking included Gretchen Sheckler, Patrick Mcilvain, Steve Jugan, Ryan Okum, Tim Young, & Chad Romiti, which were all very knowledgeable. I found it interesting that they all had different backgrounds, which made it a more diverse group than you typically see at other networking events. All of them discussed different ways that they are operating and marketing their businesses in this economic climate and the challenges they face. 


Then following the panel discussion came a presentation from guest speaker Chris Brogan.  His main focus was on the evolution and the impact that social media (twitter, facebook, myspace, etc.) has on the world today. He shared with us his insights and showed us some examples of how the web today has changed the way people connect with each other. Chris’s blog ranks 3rd in the top 100 according to techorati. My favorite question of the night came when one of the members of the audience asked him, “How do you go about handling negative comments on your blog when a mistake has been made on your end?” He responded saying that, “The best way to go about that is to be honest and just admit your mistake”. I agree with him and some do say that honesty is the best policy.



3 Responses to “So Cal Action Sports Event Network Wrap-Up”

  1. Hi, do you know if Chris’ presentation will be available online somewhere? THX

  2. artformsk8 Says:

    We’re unsure… Sorry.

  3. Bryan elliott Says:

    Video recap up now at:

    Thanks for the shout out!


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