Ah, the Economy…

Every morning I tune into NPR (via KCRW) to hear about our current economic situation (notice how I didn’t say crisis, oops). I have to admit that this has become a morbid ritual, because I know exactly what I am going to hear. This company has X amount of layoffs, this area has seen a continual fall in housing prices or the story of that one family that lost everything…

So today, I’m over it (that doesn’t mean I won’t be tuning in on Monday morning though). What do I mean by “over it” you ask? I am not going to let the bad news seep into my daily duties of changing my world. Instead of waiting for the stimulus to change things or wait for jobs to start popping up again, I am going to carry the torch and do as much as I can at all times to make things better for myself and those around me. I’ll source new opportunities, I’ll be bold and take the first step into the great unknown, I’ll bring something to the table. I will squeeze the creative juices daily and I’ll be the best Me, because in the process positive will overcome the negative. I truly believe that if we all take a stand against the negative news, and find new ways of doing business, news ways of investing, new ways to save, news ways to create new jobs, that we will move past this crisis to new stronger and better future.

So embrace your potential, and say farewell to the past. It was Dolly Pardon who said it breast, sorry i meant best… “If you want the Rainbow, your have to part with the Rain”.



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