I’m Available Everywhere!

I was thinking this to myself last night as I was working on a project. And by working on a project I mean conducting a phone interview via speakerphone so I could type out the responses, then chatting it up with a friend on my Blackberry Messenger about the same project, texting my friend about her schedule for the following day, and utilizing Google Chat for the first time. Keep in mind that my Gmail inbox was open, you know, just in case I couldn’t be reached on my phone alone.

It’s amazing how technology allows us to be everywhere and available at any given moment. I mean, there are cell phone plans where we can even keep track of our friends when they sleep! It’s pretty intense (and scary).

Oh, hang on. My phone’s buzzing. Must be a call. Or a text. Or a BBM. Or an e-mail. Nevermind. It was my mom. I wonder what’s for dinner?



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