Less is More…

I remember when we all used to Need our own websites. Remember those days? The time before blogs? When HTML ruled supreme. Those days sucked. We had to source a designer and it seemed like a daunting task just to change up the content (or code if you will…). Then came along Myspace, and it was awesome. Everyone had a page. It was easy to add content, easy to modify and personalize. Easy to add music, find friends, conversate, opinionate and on and on… But then people wanted to blog without all the bells and whistles, enter in Blogger.com and WordPress.com (at least how I recall it). It was great. You could blog without needing to add friends. You could copy and paste your blogs onto your myspace page. You could link the two together. What more could you need? Ah yes… Facebook had the answer, which was less. Much less. They removed the colorways, the playlists, the blogs and stripped it all down to the essentials – Friends, comments and photos (although you still had the option to link your other sites and blogs). It was awesome (starting at the college student level, remember). Facebook quickly swept the web and my whole family, who were myspace skeptics, were now facebook friends. But wait… there’s more. Yes, it’s called Twitter. Now all you need to do is post 140 words, whenever you feel you’ve got something you want to get off your chest. Thats it. But, you still have the capabilities to personalize the look of your page, add links and photos (twitpic). So what’s next? I’m not sure, but I bet it’s less…



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