The History of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater: Ollies, Grabs, and Grinds

This article on the history of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video games just came out on

Pro Skater

720 DegreesIt’s actually very interesting to see how without Hawk’s video games, the popularity of skateboarding-related games wouldn’t be the same. I mean do you remember 720 Degrees, a 1986 arcade skateboarding game from Atari, or Skate or Die!, a 1987 multiplatform home release from EA?

I truly think that more than a name, Tony Hawk provided the best gaming experience to the players. Every element that was needed to make Pro Skater a hit was there. Hawk’s popularity at the time was definitely a starter point in introducing the product to the broader market, but I do believe that without the new technology behind Pro Skater, the impact of the game in the mainstream wouldn’t have been the same. And it definitely built some type of awareness for skateboarding.


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