The Hype Machine

In this day in age (aka Digital Age) it is easier than ever to interact with thousands upon thousands of people with the push of a few buttons. We are using the world of Social Networking (or as i like to call it the Hype Machine) to promote ourselves more than ever before, and it’s working.

The greatest part about using Social Networking as a tool is that you control the content. You control how bland or compelling it is.

However, Hype is just that… nothing more than hot air if it isn’t backed up with substance. The way that true Hype becomes viral is when you get all the other people on the web to start talking about You (or in this case your content)… and then the Hype Machine takes over and the word begins to spread.

My tips for using the Hype Machine for all its worth is to keep the content compelling and allow others to own it through praising or bashing it, because ultimately it doesn’t matter what they’re saying, the only thing that matters is if they’re saying anything at all…



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