Rob Dyrdek’s L.A. Skate Plaza in Review


This past weekend I went to go check out the new skate plaza in Lafayette park on Wilshire blvd (a few blocks west of Macarthur Park). To my amazement the park was insanely perfect. Dyrdek knew what he was doing with the ledges. They are the perfect mix of concrete and angle iron (concrete on top, iron on the side). The manual pads and step up ledges are low-impact yet challenging enough to keep you on them for hours. The 5 stair and 3 stair are equipped with hubbas and straight out ledges as well as low rails (1 round and 1 square) that are made so perfectly, you feel open try to slew of tricks with a low risk factor.

Lafayette Park

Lafayette Park

Then there is the up/down manual pad that is also grindable. I must have skated this obstacle the majority of the time, it’s as fun as it is challenging. Last but not least the Carl’s Jr. Star (click to read more) is the only transition in the park. The only problem is that the star shoots you straight into the manual pad on your way down. It’s also in the center of where skaters go back and forth from… bad placement, but if the park is empty you’ll have a blast skating it.


All Aboard!

All Aboard!



All-in-all the Dyrdek Skate Plaza is awesome. If you are a true-skool street skater who is constantly in search of ledges, this is your spot. No pads, no fees, no fences. This could be this first go to street spot in L.A. since USC, and now that the USC ledges and the Santa Monica Courthouse ledges are gone, I anticipate seeing lots of old faces popping up here. I also anticipate seeing the new breed of street rippers coming from this place.


Ledge Central

Ledge Central

We fully stand behind the DC Skate Plaza Foundation... and you should too! Keep up the great work and see you at the Plaza!




3 Responses to “Rob Dyrdek’s L.A. Skate Plaza in Review”

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    • hey man. i skate just because im watching your shows. (well i’ve been skating a long time before that but still). got to skate sometime man. i love to skate everyday. even in rain. i dont stop at nothing!. looking forward of meeting u one day.

  2. April Fry Says:

    I think you are doing a great job! My family loves to watch your shows and my husband and I love to watch you too. My son Colton has to have DC stuff to be like Rob. I hope one day that he will be able to meet him because he thinks he so great. Keep up the good work.

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