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About a month ago, I posted a blurb on Events as a Marketing Tool. My final say was that brands and properties should listen more to the skaters, snowboarders or surfers when they conceptualize events.

We have been working for Oxbow Surf Wear for about a year now. Coming all the way from France, they launched no later than last June in the US and have already proved to be a brand that cares and offers high-tech apparel, not only in surfing but also snowboarding and freeskiing.

At the beginning of this month, they hosted their 2nd annual Oxbow Back to Powder in France, a unique concept that emphasizes on the culture of snowboarding and freeskiing. If we are talking about throwing the most authentic event a brand could and that will make all the participants stoked, well, Oxbow did it right. They worked extremely closely with the riders to produce what snowboarding and freeskiing are all about: backcountry riding.


Halfway between Freeride and Freestyle, “Oxbow Back to Powder” features the emerging sport, called simply “backcountry”, where different and complementary styles can meet in one single spot. This contest format allows the world’s best skiers and snowboarders to confront each other on immaculate slopes. To make the event unique, the riders judge each other to designate the victor.


In the 2009 edition, the Oxbow Back To Powder took place from the 1st to the 7th of February, in Arêches Beaufort, a place known by the best Backcountry riders in Europe. It was an entire week where the terrain was visualized and then shaped by those who competed in it. Pro skier Laurent Favre had his skier friends, while pro snowboarder Christoph Weber invited his snowboard buddies.



Check out more of it on Oxbowpro.com

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