Leverage Your Riders

Through the years I’ve seen so many Pros come and go through the proverbial revolving door that its enough to make your head spin (no pun intended). I have also seen the harvesting of flow riders move up the Am ranks and make their way to the rise of Pro stardom.

One thing I have habitually noticed over the years is a brands inability to leverage their riders status on more initiatives than simply filming for parts and shooting ads. Without question, shooting photos for ads and videos are the number one goal for your team, but it’s not the only the only objective.

I’ve compiled a little list here for you (the brand or rider) to take into account to help you promote yourself or product in non-skate times…
Start a Blog – Build your riders profiles. Give their fan base a reason to be a fan. Give them a closer look at the person off board.
How-To Videologs – Sometimes just hearing it from someone can help. I’d love to know Kalis’ secret to a good tre flip or Danny Gonzalez’ secret to a kickflip melon grab.
In-Store Appearances – Everyone loves it when a Pro stops in to their store just to hang out or buy a sheet of grip tape. Send your riders into local stores to hang for a good 20-30 minutes… shoot the breeze, read a mag, watch a vid, etc.
Hang with your Team – You’d be surprised at what a little camaraderie can do for your brand and team morale.
Staying Fit – Skateboarding is not the only exercise needed. Get your team on a good regimen of stretching and light lifting. Eating right, R&R, healthy mind and body will do wonders for a long career.
Public Appearances – Along the lines of in-store appearances, send your team to local skate parks, visit skate clubs at schools, be present at video premiers, etc. Building a public profile can go along way.

The bottom line is simply this – a Companies team riders are worth more than what they have to offer on board.



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