Just Pondering…

We have been seeing a hefty amount of businesses shutting doors, merging and laying off of employees in the “Action Sports” industry. However, if you take a very close look at the “Skateboard” industry (and I’m mainly pointing out hard good brands here…), there hasn’t been any drastic business failings. Why is that? I know we’ve heard a bit about Fallen Shoes or DVS making some cut backs, but I think those are understandable since the scale that they operate on is much bigger than let’s say… Think Skateboards or Ricta Wheels for example. I find it interesting that Skateboard brands and their infamously small profit-margin business models have somehow managed to stay afloat amidst the recession. Could it be that the Crossroads Trade Show really did give the industry an added oomph that it needed to power through? Or maybe skate companies dropping prices and retailers fighting for sales ultimately drives sales and better deals to the end consumer?

Skateboard business has always been and will always be a labor of love. I’m not saying the skate industry is impervious to the global economic crisis. I simply find it interesting that some of these small brands are outlasting powerhouse corporations.



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