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Snowboarding in Manhattan…Red Bull’s Snowscrappers event last week was the first of its kind. Gathering 16 of the Best Snowboarders to take a drop-in that stood nine stories tall in New York City’s East River Park,  then hitting the 80-foot-long hip jump, which was what made this unique to the event. To pull off an event of this magnitude it made sense that it was Red Bull who was able to pull it off. As a result, local Jersey boy  Shayne Pospisil took First Place grabbing $50,000, by landing a backside 900 with a clean grab.

Jersey Boy Shayne Pospisil Grabs First

Jersey Boy Shayne Pospisil Grabs First

Will Shayne now become a household name? Will this win catapult him into stardom? Utilizing Action sports athletes across all marketing platforms helps build brand awareness for their sponsors, builds credibility to the core consumers, enhances the events and leads to an increase in sales. This in fact was true as a result, where there have been reports from local retail shops of an increase in sales since the event. 

Red Bull will continue to contribute to the local community, by allowing locals to ride the ramp, which will be reconfigured down to 3 stories. So, if your in the area next week Feb 16th -22nd go check it out!!




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