Business vs. Core

How hard is it to grow a business while staying “core” in other people’s eyes? There is always a conflict of interest between the two at some point. Look at Burton for example. Since they’ve let go of so many amazing riders, there’s been a huge propaganda against them, because accordingly to many, they are killing “the spirit” of snowboarding, and they’ve become this huge non-core corporation. ASR has been going through the same issue and now has to face not only a lot of criticism from the core skateboarding industry, but also a new competitor, Crossroads.

Growing a business and being core shouldn’t be in conflict. Making money should not be associated with being anti-core in the first place. That’s where marketing, compromises and priorities become extremely important. Your business needs to make decisions for the long term. Remember that your brand image is more important than anything else and consistency on who you want to be needs to be seen and felt in your marketing strategy. Your business decisions need to follow that strategy. You might think you are preventing your company’s growth today by making a certain decision, but you might be ensuring its longevity by focusing on what your consumer wants.

Whenever you are not sure, think about long-term. How would this decision affect the brand and your consumers’ perception of the brand in 1, 6, 12, 24 months from now?



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