AWS – Mindfield Video Review


Alien Workshop recently premiered the long awaited and highly anticipated video Mindfield at UCLA’s Royce Hall on Thursday Jan. 29th. The crowd was a spectacle of who’s who’s in the industry both oldskool and new comers.

Highlights of the video were the style and editing coming from the mind, hands and experience of Greg Hunt. True to Alien Workshop form, the video echoed bits of Memory Screen’s past mixed with 2009 HD. J Mascis appearances and soundtracks were the icing on the cake.

Alien’s Am squad is a force to be reckoned with and without favoring Jake Johnson too much, his part really set the tone for the was to come. Arto is a monster, Kalis stepped it up even further, Dill classic, Heath is a living beast and Omar has no boundaries.

Buy this video and keep it in your archives… This is one for the books folks!



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