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Top 4 tips NOT TO Forget about Strategic Partnerships and your Partners

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Building strategic partnerships are in my opinion one of the smartest marketing moves you can make in these tough times. But there are basic rules to building them and I would like to share them with you. Too many people forget about them and they need to start putting their feet in their partners’ shoes too!


1. Know why you are reaching out to whom you are reaching out. People’s time is extremely valuable, so if you decide to reach out to some marketing exec at a company, you have to make sure you know why his brand/company is a good fit for a partnership with your brand. To figure out if it’s the right fit, you need to consider basic elements such as target market, brand philosophy, brand’s marketing objectives, retail strategy, etc.

2. It’s not just about you. I know you think you already know this, but for most of you, you probably forget about it. I have talked to many people looking to develop strategic alliances, but all they talk about is them, them, them. Well, listen what. If you really care about partnering with me, I also want to hear about my brand and how your idea of partnering is going to benefit me.

3. Which leads to the basic “Do your homework”. Research what your potential partner is doing out there and what he is trying to accomplish. News articles, ad campaigns, brand website, blogs, etc. are all good resources for knowing more about the dream partner and what he is looking for.

4. Be True to your Words. There is nothing more annoying that those who want to do business with you and are terrible implementers. They forget to follow up, end up not doing what they said they would do, etc. Remember that when you start a partnership with a brand, it’s like if you were getting married. You have commitments to respect. You are not alone in this anymore and somebody else’s work is at stake. If you want to maintain a good relationship with your partner, respect the partnership, do what you say, be honest even if things haven’t worked the way you wanted or if things are taking longer than planned. In summary, always COMMUNICATE and DO WHAT YOU SAY.

~ CG

I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well.” – Alan Greenspan


OXBOW Back To Powder

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About a month ago, I posted a blurb on Events as a Marketing Tool. My final say was that brands and properties should listen more to the skaters, snowboarders or surfers when they conceptualize events.

We have been working for Oxbow Surf Wear for about a year now. Coming all the way from France, they launched no later than last June in the US and have already proved to be a brand that cares and offers high-tech apparel, not only in surfing but also snowboarding and freeskiing.

At the beginning of this month, they hosted their 2nd annual Oxbow Back to Powder in France, a unique concept that emphasizes on the culture of snowboarding and freeskiing. If we are talking about throwing the most authentic event a brand could and that will make all the participants stoked, well, Oxbow did it right. They worked extremely closely with the riders to produce what snowboarding and freeskiing are all about: backcountry riding.


Halfway between Freeride and Freestyle, “Oxbow Back to Powder” features the emerging sport, called simply “backcountry”, where different and complementary styles can meet in one single spot. This contest format allows the world’s best skiers and snowboarders to confront each other on immaculate slopes. To make the event unique, the riders judge each other to designate the victor.


In the 2009 edition, the Oxbow Back To Powder took place from the 1st to the 7th of February, in ArĂȘches Beaufort, a place known by the best Backcountry riders in Europe. It was an entire week where the terrain was visualized and then shaped by those who competed in it. Pro skier Laurent Favre had his skier friends, while pro snowboarder Christoph Weber invited his snowboard buddies.



Check out more of it on

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You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile.” – Brian Tracy

Shoe Installation & Satellite Boardshop step up in the retail marketing realm

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When I first lived in Boulder, CO, back in 2002, my roommate Raoul Pinto was about to open up his first skate shop Satellite. Although He and his partner JG started small they had a really smart approach. They had amazing design ideas for the store and were also totally into being involved in the community. From the get-go they were everywhere at all times. The next thing you knew, they were THEE skate and snow store in Boulder. No later than a year, they doubled the size of the store and a few months later, they opened a shoe store near by (on Pearl Street).


Installation was definitely a new concept in Boulder. And with the same energy they put into building Satellite’s hype and presence within the entire skate and snow communities, they made Installation THEE store to buy urban shoes.

How did they make that happen? Well, here is a brief list of all the marketing initiatives they’ve done:

  • Local skate events
  • Partnership with CU-Boulder Snowboard Team
  • Satellite and Installation teams always skating, snowboarding and connecting with the kids in the local community, which is fundamental when you want to create hype around your brand
  • Positive and cool in-store vibe through their knowledgeable bro-team (all the employees are friends and passionate skaters/snowboarders), in-store design, and availability of the coolest products on the market.
  • Very close relationships with brands: Installation and Satellite have created signature products with some of the brands they carry. i.e. Oakley Satellite Goggle.
  • Team and Video premieres: The shops have the best skate and snow teams in Colorado. From pros to up-and-coming riders, they have the right people to represent them. Satellite travels around with their team and films all year long. Each fall they have a premiere for their skate video.
  • Guerrilla Marketing: Take 20 kids that are always hanging out at the shop. Give them hundreds of stickers and let them do the job. That’s it. And now you can see Satellite stickers everywhere in the Boulder-Denver-Summit County areas – on the lifts, in public restrooms, on campus, at the bus station, you name it.
  • Online: Really good websites with e-commerce capabilities & newsletters blasts.
  • In-store events: Installation recently re-designed their store. The theme? Cardboard. Raoul and his crew gathered in his backyard and built cardboards shelves, benches and more. Lili Dirks-GoodmanThe result? A sick in-store design and a good reason to throw down a party. n1096622214_30127618_58261


I might have forgotten some things, but I think you get the picture. The more involved, creative, proactive and true you are, the more likely your campaign will be successful!n1096622214_30127640_3686


Nike Freestyle commercials

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Who said consistency was key?

Check out all these Nike commercials:


“A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.” Ralph Lauren

Office Booyz

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Be there or be square!

Nike SB and the Bison

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No need to say that Nike SB never runs out of ideas. Yes, we are in a depression and yes, high priced sneakers and skate shoes probably have a hard time to sell.

Nike SB SocksAs mentioned in previous posts (topics on World Industries and 686), some brands try to fight the recession by extending to new markets through new products, some create partnerships with mainstream brands and others merely create affordable complementary products to their current product line. And it is what Nike SB is doing by launching their Nike SB Dunk Low Bison Socks.

Not only are they generating buzz, they also opened a new market that a lot of us forgot about.