SIA Snowsports Tradeshow

SIA has been going on in Vegas since Tuesday and it has been a real success for a lot of brands on the floor.

VZ Booth

SIA Aisle

There was a somewhat rail setup in case you are into snowboarding on anything but snow. Some kids were rocking it but seriously was it really worth it? It seemed more dangerous than fun. The setup was brought by DNA, a ski clothing company.

Rail Setup

Like each year, there are some interesting new brands, and one that everyone was expecting was Yes. Now Board, the new Romain de Marchi, DCP and JP Solberg snowboard brand. Their booth was simple and mellow: just a few boards to present, some funny signage on the walls of the booth and some real Euro vibe.

Another new (?) snow brand that came to my attention is MTNOPS. Initially, “MTNOPS harvests information from the internet to build each user a unique page that dynamically changes with each visit.
Weather, webcams, brands, resorts, news, shops and conditions are harvested from more than 5,000 data sources to provide the most comprehensive snowboarding information available on the internet.”

But at the show they were presenting their brand new clothing and snowboard lines, 100% made in USA. Check them out at



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