Events as a Marketing Tool

If there is one characteristic specific to action sports, it is that these “sports” don’t need a sanctioning body to organize valuable events that actually pay the athletes and make them become “professional”. Since the beginning of these sports, brands have been organizing their own events both alone or along with partners. It’s always been a great marketing tool for them between all the media attention that these events generate, and the onsite audience cheering up for their favorite guys.

My point is that “events” have become such a trend and a cost-efficient (???) way to support the industry that we are now overwhelmed with them. I mean just look at the end of this month: in a 10-day period, we have ASR, SIA (both tradeshows have tons of micro events), the Winter X-Games, the Snowboard World Championship in Korea, the ISPO in Munich and the list doesn’t end here. My question is: “Nowadays, are events as efficient as they used to be? The concepts of all events are pretty much the same, every time – a contest, some music, an after-party, an art show, free alcohol… and we should all be stoked”? As a marketer, I think that we need to rethink how events are conceptualized, what purposes they serve, and if they actually support what athletes want to see?”



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