Swag Awareness


Yesterday on NPR I heard a report about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that big time Hollywood studios spend every year on swag to promote their newest films. The report described swag that ranged from $2 ashtrays to $25 cardboard foldouts full of miscellaneous items like t-shirts, mugs, dvd’s and more. The question posed was, how necessary are these items? Especially when one film critic stated that he inevitably throws all swag into the trash. The answer came from an Exec. saying that the swags purpose it to get you thinking about the movie and ultimately popping the film into your dvd player.


Although many of the brands out there can’t afford to throw a hundred grand into swag or POP, I believe we can all learn a lesson from the big Hollywood studios, which is build brand awareness at all costs. Because you never know, your brand may be mentioned on the next NPR story or possibly our blog… and that’s gotta be worth something right?



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